WOC 2023: Image clip to show big emotions for our candidature

Preparations for the next Orienteering World Championships in Switzerland are gearing up to top speed: the WOC 2023 application form for the International Orienteering Federation IOF is almost finished. An image clip kindles first emotions.


Promotion for WOC 2023 in Flims/Switzerland at IOF General Assembly

pragSwiss Orienteering and the destination Flims present their candidature for WOC 2023 in Flims/Switzerland at the IOF General Assembly.

WOC in Flims would be combined with a Swiss-O-Week and will be organized in one of the best terrains Switzerland can offer.

The bid has to be sent until end of the year and will be decided by the IOF council next spring.
Go for the flyer

Swiss Orienteering is applying with Flims Laax Falera for WOC 2023

Switzerland would like to host WOC in its own country again in 2023. In recent weeks, talks have been held with various destinations and regions. A total of three applications have been submitted. The Swiss Orienteering Federation, together with the Verein Swiss Cup and the Swiss-O-Week, have decided to run Flims Laax Falera.

(c) Flims /Gaudenz Danuser

The orienteering event in the summer of 2023 with a combination of WOC and the Swiss-O-Week (every 2-3 years taking place O-week with about 4000 participants) shall take place in the canton of Grisons in the tourism region Flims Laax Falera. With Davos-Klosters, Flims Laax Falera and St. Moritz, there were three outstanding applications. The responsible persons of the association Swiss Cup (World Cup organizers since 2007) and the Swiss-O-Week have analyzed and evaluated these in detail. Their recommendation for Flims Laax Falera was followed by the head of Swiss Orienteering. The region is best known in the orienteering world for the unique forests in the area of a big landslide, the Swiss-O-Week 2011 and numerous national and regional competitions hosted by OLG Chur.

Ultimately, the decision was inspired by the enthusiasm of all the communities and tourism organizations, the excellent infrastructure and the compactness of the running areas.

"It is a privilege to be able to submit a WOC candidature in combination with a Swiss-O-Week in one of Switzerland's best orienteering grounds to the international orienteering federation," said Jürg Hellmüller, President of Swiss Orienteering. «We hope to convince the IOF with this bid.»

Marcel Schiess, as designated President of the Swiss-O-Week 2023, is also pleased: «From the Vorab via Crap Sogn Gion through Foppa to the legendary Flimserwald. And at the same time to cheer live, when the international stars fight for gold. With WOC 2023 and SOW 2023 we can offer all participants an unforgettable experience. »

"We look back on the SOW 2011 with positive emotions and now we want to add WOC 2023", says André Gisler, Tourism Director in Flima Laax Falera. "Together with the organizers, we want to offer exciting and outstanding competitions in a unique environment."

The bid for the World Orienteering Championships 2023 to the IOF has to be submitted at the end of 2018, the decision through the IOF council will take place in spring 2019.

Contact Swiss Orienteering: Jürg Hellmüller, President: 079 623 26 92

Contact for the candidacy: Matthias Niggli (Project manager), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 079 222 13 87

Flims Laax Falera


Embargoed Areas for Orienteering Worldcup 2019 published

The Orienteering Worldcup 2019 in Switzerland takes place in the region of Laufen/BL. The embargoed areas are now published and from now on embargoed.

pdfDownload PDF with Embargoed Areas for Orienteering Worldcup 2019 or on page Info 2019

Switzerland applies for WOC 2023

Switzerland has for years excelled as an organiser of top-class events. Swiss Orienteering and the association "Swiss Cup" - organizer of the yearly Orienteering World Cup in Switzerland - have now decided to apply for WOC 2023. As WOC will be splitted from 2019 onwards, 2023 will be a "forest-WOC-year".